Google Analytics is complex

We will make you look like an expert

The virtual Google Analytics expert and web analyst
helping webmasters, online marketers and digital agencies.


Is Google Analytics implemented correctly? Which metrics are there and which metrics are actually relevant for your business? We will help you understand your website visitors better even if you don't have any previous analytics knowledge.

Online marketers

Make sure your Analytics is setup correctly so that you can trust your data. We'll help you measure the success of your campaigns and on-page optimizations, all the way from the implementation to reporting. Save time using our automatic analytics audit and get more out of your data by following our suggestions. Step by step you will become an analytics expert!

Digital agencies

Get bonus points from your customers with beautiful customized reports in your own corporate design. Provide reports that tell a story instead of just showing data so that customers without analytics experience will love you. We're looking for agencies to join us as beta partners. Let us know how we can help you serve your customers better, and we may be able to implement the features that you need.

For you?

Is there anything you find hard with Google Analytics? Let us know what you need help with and we will do our best to help you!

Stop worrying that Google Analytics isn't implemented correctly or that the data doesn't mean what you think it does.

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Easy to get started

No installation, no code!

As soon as you are using Google Analytics you can use Mister Metrics. There is no installation needed and you don't need to implement any new tracking code. You sign up with your Google account and we immediately start analyzing your website!

Make sure your data is tracked as expected

Is Google Analytics implemented correctly?

Our web crawler automatically checks your website to see that you have the tracking code implemented correctly on all pages. If changes and updates on your website cause any problems with the implementation, we will notify you automatically.

Step by step you will take your digital analytics skills to the next level

Become a digital analytics expert!

Mister Metrics gives you answers, not just numbers. In addition, we also give you practical recommendations that you can use to improve the quality of your reporting. Our guides suggest steps for you to take and we provide you with a detailed explanation behind each recommendation.

We use tips from industry experts and let you profit from their knowledge and experience. Take your web analytics skills to the next level!

Set up goals, analyze and measure the progress

No goals, no result

What do you really need to track? How much does a conversion really cost you? What IS a conversion? We will clarify that together.

After your have defined your goals, our web crawler analyzes your website to make sure it is optimized to reach them. We will give you practial tips and recommendations for optimizing the most important pages. If your website is too slow, or if something doesn't work we will alert you automatically.

Analyses, infographics and recommendations

Save time - actionable reports at the click of a button

Generate beautiful reports that everyone can understand. Print the reports or forward them per mail.

Or why not look like a pro and embed them as infographic in your next presentation?

Become an analytics expert with Mister Metrics

We are still working on Mister Metrics and some features are not implemented yet. We would love to keep you posted about any news and when you can start the beta test!

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We are happy to help with any questions around Mister Metrics and Google Analytics!

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